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Over the last five years, we have gathered many hours of sound recordings and detailed locomotive data. We will be using these assets to upgrade past releases and create future add-on content for Microsoft Train Simulator®

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BIO: I was born and have lived in Colorado all my life. I grew up traveling frequently to northeastern Kansas, so I am most familiar with the RI, BN, UP & DRGW railroads. Besides 3D modeling, my other interests are music(guitar mostly), skiing, cooking(and eating). Enough about me... here's my brother Spence. I never learned to enjoy speed...not on asphalt anyway. Thanks for checking out the Contributors page!.

Schenectady Museum - Hall of Electrical History

John Anderson - Research Historian
Stephanie Przyblek - Chief Curator

Union Pacific Railroad - Denver, CO
Steven Napper - Senior Trial Counsel
Gregory Barth - Regional Training Coordinator - Mechanical
Edward Pettinger - Foreman - General Mechanical
Schnell & D'Antuono
Jay John Schnell
Mike Clayton - President
Southeast Railfanning Video Productions

Brian Morgan - Producer & Editor

Railcar Research:

Freightcar America

Bruce Harmon - Consultant - Harmon Communications
Ted Baun - VP Sales, Western Region
Special thanks to all of the above for their time, interest, and effort
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3D Model Creation:

3D Studio Max 7.0-9.0
Adobe Photoshop CS5

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