Original Release - November 11, 2004

Here we are, nearly 10 years after the original release of this set, with a new version. This update improves the U-Boat cab views and overall model shapes. It also adds to the set the SD40-2 and the odd-ball F9 power that the RI acquired from the Union Pacific. This unit will be familiar to many RI people who remember how difficult it was in the late 70's for the railroad to maintain its power needs. It was not uncommon to see freight consists with every type of diesel power at the head-end. Although the variety of power was always an interesting sight, it was also evidence of the impossible challenge the company was coping with during those times.

the Rock Island
On January 24th, 1980, in a federal courtroom, the Rock Island was ordered to be liquidated. At that time, the railroad was serving 15% of the nations grain elevators. William Gibbons, Rock Island bankruptcy trustee, generated $500 million in liquidated assets from the railroad, and managed to pay off all creditors, with interest.

Source: Lee, Thos R. "Rock Island Westward",Volume One; T. Lee Publications 1992